FriendMedia is the best way to connect with your patients in the lobby and exam rooms with up to date videos, information, and practice specific marketing materials.  The dashboard is super easy to use, and easily customizable for each practice’s needs.  It has been an excellent addition to our business.

Christopher Khorsandi, MD

Simply the BEST! Most efficient and cost effective method of in office marketing of our goods and services to our own clients and patients. Proven to grow my practice and increase sales. Thank you! Building new offices now and wouldn’t think about not installing it throughout the offices.

Grant Stevens, MD

Very good addition to any cosmetic practice. They give you options to upload your own videos and photos, Instagram and also give you access to professional videos from major aesthetic companies. They also provide very good support and training. Another great option they offer is the FriendMedia interactive and patient-friendly APP for iPad.

Hayes Gladestone, MD

Our entire clinic and Spa ambiance sprang into life once we purchased and launched the FriendMedia video system. It was so easy to set up and create playlists, plus they assigned us a customer service helper Jerri who was so helpful getting us comfortable with the system. We are now starting to create monthly playlists that highlight our wide range of services and allows us to account for seasonality! Great product and great service!

Tim Steele

As the Director of a clinical skincare facility, my tech skills are somewhat limited, so when tasked with setting up a digital slideshow in our spa I was pretty stumped. Unable to do this on my own, I reached out to Friend Media and could not be happier I did. This entire process of setting up a streaming TV in our lobby was a breeze, and the those who helped me were extremely knowledgeable; really a pleasure to work with. What we set up on our TV was way more impressive than anything I could have done on my own, and it adds a beautiful and informative element to our space. Shoutout to Kevin and Nick for being awesome! Thanks FriendMedia!

Chelsea Spring

Highly suggest FriendMedia to any practice owner, as it’s a crucial step in any patient process flow. When consulting, we always ensure the following: A. Client creates content, B. Client has In-Office Marketing Plan, C. Client leverages waiting room screens/tablets to educate, inform and activate at the Point of Care using FriendMedia. The engagement rates are through the roof for practices who invest in both their content and its distribution, while patients wait. Great job all around!

Steve Seidel

I’ve been working with FriendMedia for the past 3 years and recommend their service to all of my accounts. In fact, most, if not all of my accounts are seeing impressive utilization spikes month over month after adding FriendMedia to their practice. FM is an in-office marketing must have.

Matt Giulvezan


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