Pleasanton, CA based tech firm FriendMedia continues in innovative path for in-practice patient engagement.  

In January, Friendmedia released fmTV, an innovative approach for aesthetic providers to engage patient in the waiting room via existing TVs. 

Now, the firm sees the opportunity to provide four unique touch points during the patient visit: 

Waiting Room, Exam Room, Consultation Room and Reception Counter.  

According to COO, Nick Magruder: ‘The adoption rate of our cloud-based patient education platform has been well received. In fact, we reached 150+ installed units before receiving a single cancellation request which suggest a strong value-add service for our easy-entry monthly subscription. This is promising for our team and aesthetic industry partners.’

Starting at just $59 per month, aesthetic providers can transform their existing Waiting Room TVs into powerful communication tools to engage qualified patients at the point of care. A cloud – based dashboard allows providers to quickly customize dynamic Playlists and manage this content remotely. 

Today, FriendMedia is set to release fmTAB to complement the fmTV solution. fmTAB is a 10 inch cloud-based tablet designed to interact with the patient. 

‘We encountered a slight bottleneck with the release of our TV solution.  Provider feedback was very positive, especially in the exam room. Data suggests ~50% of patients are asking about a specific procedure when displayed inside the exam room, in a more intimate one-on-one environment with their provider of choice.’

 The challenge became the cost of TVs plus electrical and installation costs, then multiplied by several treatment rooms. Now, the tablet option allows providers to cost-effectively drive unique content to each exam room with the ability for patients to interact and learn more about the menu of services.

‘We believe we can help Aesthetic Brands and their Providers get away from the paper waste of dated patient trifold brochures and provide a more dynamic patient experience. The fmTAB allows the patient to browse a brand carousel customized by the provider and email themselves procedures of interest. Patients can also sign up for patient events, loyalty programs and monthly specials all from the exam room chair.’

‘Bringing dynamic content Facebook and Instagram streams inside the practice have really proven to be an effective platform for patient engagement, Magruder explains. The way consumers are now consuming content has drastically changed in just the last few years. Aesthetic providers who see the value of social media, can now display this content locally, within the practice. Data suggests that patients want to see quick videos of actual treatments, patient testimonials and results achieved from procedures offered at Provider’s practice. Now we can quickly organize and streamline this content throughout the entire practice.’

In a September limited release, FriendMedia deployed fmTAB to a group of advisory physicians. Feedback has been tremendous, and validates the need to better automate and streamline internal communications for the aesthetic community. 

CEO Jeff Li concludes, ‘We will continue to innovate based on the needs and feedback from Aesthetic Physicians.  This is a core principle for our business and how we decide to deploy resources. With each added feature, we become more valuable to the provider suggesting a long-term relationship which is in line with our goals for the business.’

About FriendMedia

FriendMedia is a powerful and easy-to-use cloud-based digital marketing solution that allows aesthetic providers to leverage the reach of their existing procedures and customize their promotional content to drive revenue and grow their brand through an in-practice network of TVs and Tablets. 

For more information on FriendMedia, please visit or reach out directly, 925-399-7422.