Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA) Process

Article 1 – General


The Customer contacts the FriendMedia Support Team via email ( regarding the product that is not properly functioning. The FriendMedia Support Team will review the case and may request additional information or suggest additional diagnostic steps to ensure that the product is not returned for repairing unnecessarily.


If the FriendMedia Support Team concludes that the problem(s) cannot be solved remotely, it will acknowledge that the product needs to be returned for repair and sends the RMA Request Form to the Customer.


The Customer fills out, signs and submits the front page of this “RMA Request Form” to FriendMedia via email at


FriendMedia replies to the Customer with an RMA number and detailed shipping instructions.


The Customer writes the assigned RMA number on the shipping label and sends the product and a copy of the RMA Request Form to the address received from FriendMedia.


The FriendMedia Repair Team analyses the received product to establish the status of the RMA.


FriendMedia notifies the Customer about the result of the analysis and, if it’s the case, provides detailed billing instructions.


If any fees are required to repair or replace the product, the RMA process is stopped until the Customer complies with his financial duties towards FriendMedia.


If no fees are required or the Customer has no pending payments towards FriendMedia, then the FriendMedia Repair Team repairs or replaces the defective product and a fully functional product is sent to the Customer.


The Customer tests the product after receiving it.

Article 2 – Shipping of product to FriendMedia


The customer is responsible for the safe shipment of product(s) to the address received from FriendMedia.


The product should be returned in its original packaging. If the original packaging is no longer available, the Customer must use packing materials that provide the same or greater protection to the product(s) from inherent shipping shocks.

(a) Any damage and / or subsequent failure of the product related to inappropriate packaging might result in declaring the received unit as Out Of Warranty and Non Repairable.


Any product sent without an RMA number issued by FriendMedia is subject to return to the customer at its charge without test or repair being conducted by the FriendMedia Repair Team.


The shipping costs, including custom duties and taxes, of RMA unit(s) from the Customer to FriendMedia are at the Customer expense, with the sole exception of “Dead on Arrival” unit(s), as defined below.


FriendMedia is not responsible in any way for damage incurred during shipping to our RMA receiving location(s) or for lost or misdirected packages. FriendMedia recommends to the Customer to send the package(s) with insurance, to notify FriendMedia about the shipment date and to provide shipment tracking details.

Article 3 – The possible statuses of a returned product


By signing the “RMA Request Form” and starting the RMA process, the Customer recognizes that the FriendMedia Repair Team is competent and solely responsible to perform this analysis and to decide the true status of a returned product regardless of the “reason(s) for return” specified above. The Customer also agrees to accept the decision of the FriendMedia Repair Team.


The FriendMedia Repair Team analyses the returned to establish the status of the product / RMA process. Following this analysis, FriendMedia will notify the customer that the returned product is in one of the following statuses:

(a) Under Warranty (W) – the product is under warranty.

(b) No Trouble Found (NTF) – the returned product is fully functional.

(c) Dead on Arrival (DOA) – the product was not functional when the Customer received it from FriendMedia.

(d) Internal Memory Medium Failure (IMMF).

(e) Out of Warranty (OOW) – the product is under none of the above statuses.


Certain statuses require the Customer to pay specific fees which are detailed below. If the Customer does not pay these fees, FriendMedia is entitled to void the warranty on the specific product and close the RMA process. The product will remain available for the Customer to pick up for a period of 90 days from the date of notification, after which it will be dismantled and recycled according to the local regulations without any compensation for the Customer. The payment shall be made within 30 days (if not stated otherwise) from the date of the notification from FriendMedia.

Article 4 – Under Warranty


FriendMedia will make a best effort to repair all returned products that are under warranty. Those that cannot be repaired with a reasonable effort will be replaced by fully functional equivalent products. FriendMedia reserves the right to use refurbished equivalent products to replace the original product returned by the Customer.


FriendMedia will not apply any charges to the Customer for handling and repairing a product returned with a valid RMA number and whose status is confirmed as being covered by the warranty.


The handling and shipping costs to return the repaired / replaced product are covered by FriendMedia.

Article 5 – No Trouble Found


If the returned product is fully functional and / or the FriendMedia Repair Team cannot reproduce the failure reported by the Customer, then the Customer will be required to pay a forfeit fee of $50 USD.


The handling and shipping costs to return the original product are in this case to be covered by the Customer.

Article 6 – Dead on Arrival


The product can be declared by FriendMedia Support Team as “Dead on Arrival” only if it failed within its first 24 hours of operation. The Customer shall notify a suspect DOA within 10 days from the date of reception of the product.


FriendMedia will replace with an equivalent product all DOA products that have been sent back to FriendMedia.


The handling and shipping costs are fully covered by FriendMedia.

Article 7 – Internal Memory Medium Failure


Internal Memory Medium has a limited lifetime and is not covered by FriendMedia Hardware Limited Warranty. Internal Memory Medium is covered by a 12 months warranty starting from the date the product has been purchased from FriendMedia. Within this period the product is Under Warranty and will be repaired by FriendMedia according to the procedure described above.


If a failure of the Internal Memory Medium of an product occurs after 12 months from the date of purchase from FriendMedia, the Customer can still apply for the RMA process, but accepts to cover a forfeit fee of $50 plus applicable handling and shipping costs to and from the FriendMedia Repair Center.

Article 8 – Out of Warranty


If the returned product can be repaired by the FriendMedia Repair Team, then the Customer will be required to pay a forfeit fee of $250 plus handling and shipping costs.


If the unit cannot be repaired, FriendMedia will dismantle and recycle the unit according to the local regulations at no fee for the Customer. If the Customer wishes to have the defective unit back, a written request shall be sent to FriendMedia within 30 days from the date of the notification and the Customer will be required to pick up the unit from the logistic center or cover the shipping and handling costs within 90 days.


The handling and shipping costs to return the repaired / defective product is covered by the Customer.

Article 9 – Additional notes


The FriendMedia repair service offered in the context of our product warranty is a best effort service.


Statistically the average turn-around time for the RMA process is four weeks from the date the defective unit enters and leaves the FriendMedia Repair Center. In some cases, this delay may be longer. FriendMedia cannot be held responsible for any prejudice or damage that a longer delay may cause to the Customer.


The shipping of the repaired unit(s) from FriendMedia to the Customer is done using FriendMedia’ preferred carrier. In the case a new product shipment is planned for the customer, FriendMedia has the right to add the repaired units to that shipment if this does not delay excessively the turn-around time of the RMA process.


The external power supply is not covered by the FriendMedia Hardware Limited Warranty and cannot be returned to FriendMedia. Also, if the product is returned to FriendMedia due to an external power supply related fault, then the status of the RMA product will be established as “No Trouble Found”.


Any attempt to open the product by the Customer or any unauthorized third party will void the FriendMedia Hardware Limited Warranty and, as a consequence, the product will be considered Out Of Warranty!