Hardware End-Of-Life Policy

FriendMedia is committed to the design and manufacture of the highest quality solid-state media players for digital signage.

All of our product models are made to work 24/7 and to last as long as possible: this protects our customers’ investment, and protects the environment. Our efforts to offer the best quality begin in Pleasanton, California where our hardware and software architects design our products. To keep the highest standards of quality control we manufacture in Europe and select reliable technology from established partners like Texas Instruments.

In line with this strategy, FriendMedia has made the commercial commitment to offer to our customers a premium warranty on all our current hardware products. (See the FriendMedia Hardware Limited Warranty Agreement).

The life time of a FriendMedia product begins with its market introduction and ends when FriendMedia takes the decision to discontinue its manufacture: this date is called End-Of-Life (EOL). This decision is taken in the interest of the customer when the technology used in the product becomes obsolete or is not available anymore. To help anticipate an EOL event and plan migration paths, FriendMedia informs its partners as early as possible when the product is Not Recommended for New Deployments (NRND), and which migration path strategy is the most suitable.

As stated in the product life-time warranty, two years after the EOL date, FriendMedia terminates the product life-time warranty: this event is referred to as the End-Of-Warranty (EOW). In case a product fails after its EOW, FriendMedia has no obligation to provide diagnostic, repair or replacement services to the customer on the product.