The DVD is dead.

Our web-based software allows you to manage your playlists whenever, whereever. The drag & drop interface is intuitive and efficient, allowing you to easily leverage the power of the web, and of our aesthetic library.

What Do Patients Really Want to See?


Patient Testimonials


Videos and Photos


Reputation Credentials



Showcase your most important offers, on TV.

FriendMedia offers easy customization tools that enable practitioners to upsell their patients alongside high-quality content from aesthetic brands, Instagram, YouTube, and the World Wide Web.

Social Media

Streamline your marketing using Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, or Youtube and publish them automatically on your TV.

Aesthetic Library

Browse high-quality content from thousands of aesthetic brands and load them to your playlist instantly.

Your Own Brand

Promote your patient events and monthly specials using powerful tools such as Google Slides, or our built-in video & album tools.


Keep your patients engaged via the latest aesthetic vlogs, news, and entertainment.

Our Clients

We work with top aesthetic clinics around the country.


No Upfront Cost

Get started with just an easy monthly subscription.

Drag & Drop Interface

Select your content, drag it to a playlist, and voila, it’s on TV.

Mobile Friendly

The drag & drop gestures also makes using FriendMedia on mobile devices easy.

Web-based Software

Access your TVs from your home office, on your way to work, or anywhere else!

Aesthetic Library

Leverage millions of high quality content from thousands of aesthetic brands.

Social Media

Provide entertainment or information from your favorite Facebook, Instragram, Twitter, or Youtube celebrities.

HDMI-TV PassThru

Connect your cable TV or laptop and display information when needed without the hassle or switching inputs.

24/7 Support

We are only an email or phone call away!