From Hallways
to Classrooms.

FriendMedia connects all the screens in your school to provide announcements, wayfinding, and emergency alerts. Our intuitive user experience maximizes participation from teachers, students, administrators, and staffs.

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    Safety First

    Our built-in Campus Alert System not only produces effective images on screens everywhere, but can also broadcast messages via text, social media, and phone.

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    Broadcast Your Message From Anywhere

    You can broadcast massages to your entire school from your computer, tablet, or phone. Simply log onto our CMS and get talking!

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    Schedule it

    What good is a lunch menu outside of lunch time? With FriendMedia, you can schedule contents down to the minute so your messages will always be relevant to the situation.

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    Easy and Fun

    Using the system is as easy as updating your music playlist. Our tiered user management system allows you can grant limited access to anyone from a teacher to a student-run newsletter team.

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