How to Be a Successful MSP or VAR Offering Digital Signage to Your Customers

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As a managed service provider (MSP) or value-added reseller (VAR) company, you offer your services to businesses. However, both MSP and VAR in terms of service differ. MSP operates and maintains a business’s technology whereas VAR provides them with third-party hardware and software. If both of them want to increase their sales, they should start offering digital signage display solutions to their customers. With an MSP or VAR offering digital signage it becomes much easier for everyone involved.

Why Should MSP and VAR Invest in Digital Signage?

The reason to invest in digital signage is simple — to generate more revenue. Right now, digital signage is the “it” thing amongst all types of business, retail, restaurants, industries, warehouses, corporations, hospitals, education institutions, and more. The market for digital signage is growing steadily, but it seems as if some MSP and VAR companies have failed to notice.

How Can MSP and VAR Turn This Opportunity into a Goldmine?

Manage service provider companies can offer services to companies who already have a digital signage installed in their building. They can operate and maintain it on their behalf. They will have the knowledge and expertise to fix an issue such as the content not uploading on the display signage properly.

In this instance, businesses will ask for their assistance to fix the issue. By adding this solution to their growing list of services and promoting it on the right channels, they can have a host of new clients who have recently invested in digital signage displays.

Now, turn to tell you how your value-added reseller company can generate more revenue and increase their customer database. Since value-added resellers sell hardware and software from another company to businesses, they can search for companies that sell digital signage displays. They can get in contact with them about purchasing their digital displays, and then selling it to businesses that need them.

VAR and MSP Should Not Let This Opportunity Go to Waste

Both manage service providers and value-added customers can offer digital signage solutions to their clients. According to Markets and Markets, the digital signage market is set to grow, reaching $23.76 billion by 2020. With the digital signage market gaining strength, VAR and MSP need to take notice of this rising trend. Don’t you see that when your company begins to offer clients solutions to supply them with digital signage displays, and then maintain them in the event something goes wrong, your business will only grow from there. Moreover, many VAR and MSP companies have quickly added digital signage displays to their resume.

All you need to do is find the right company to partner up with so you can offer your clients with high-quality digital signage displays, which they can place in their organization. If you go for a company that supplies mediocre digital displays, your clientele will diminish than grow.

In the end, remember what your goals are, to make your customers happy, generate revenue, keep your costs reasonable, supply your clients with solutions that they can trust, and choose a reliable vendor to provide you with digital signage displays because this is the recipe for success.

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