Exploring Digital Signage on College Campuses

James Shi blog, FriendMedia, News

Imagine a place where you can put a digital sign that will reach masses of young people on a daily basis. A place where thousands of thriving millennials live, eat, congregate and breathe together in small spaces.

These places exist, and they are college and university campuses. In 2015, over 17 million students were enrolled in undergraduate school, and the number of students enrolling in studies each year is rapidly rising. With the increasing number of teens and young adults moving into dorms to accommodate the requirement of living on-campus for their freshman year, and with hundreds of thousands of these youngers sharing rooms and floors in cramped quarters, gathering in large masses in lobbies, recreation centers and food courts becomes not only commonplace, but inevitable. And what better place than these meeting grounds to construct a sign that gives off vital and critical messages?

Their minds are fresh and thirsting for knowledge. Embrace your chance to take advantage of that by delivering them what they need to know in an easy, effective and appealing way.

Here are some ideas and examples of ways to utilize digital signage on college campuses:

  1. Advertise campus events. Is there a speaker presenting in the auditorium on Tuesday at 5:00? Is there a big game coming up this weekend that should leave the school undefeated? Let everyone know the days and times and where they need to be to witness fun, exciting and educational opportunities on a regular basis.
  2. Job opportunities. Is the financial office hiring? Is the health department seeking interns, or is the transportation division needing drivers to operate the student buses? If you need students to fill a work position, this is the best way to let them know who’s searching for what. Both sides benefit in the long run.
  3. Scholarships. They need money, you need sponsors. If a foundation or organization is giving away scholarships for tuition, getting the word out by the masses via a distracting screen is the quickest and most effective way.
  4. Club meetings. Drama club auditions? Gotcha. Radio Club recruitment? No problem. LGBT gatherings on Wednesdays or Book Club readings in the library at 6:00pm? Let everyone know through digital signage and you’re guaranteed to have members show up consistently. The same applies to fraternities and sororities.
  5. Deadlines. Dates and times for midterms, final exams, graduation applications and more, including school closing times for breaks and holidays are important. We all need to be on the same page. Schedule and routine is key, so let the whole campus see what is expected of them by when so that no one is left behind.
  6. Safety reminders. Whether it be warnings about impending storms or natural disasters, or tips about how to defend yourself or seek help in a crisis, it’s always a great idea to remind people of what they need to be prepared for and how to respond in dangerous situations. Examples include disaster-response techniques, police and crisis lines, active bystander tips and ways to seek support and advocacy in events such as emotional or suicidal distress or sexual assault.

Other ideas can be found by a quick search online. Have fun, be creative, and get your message across to those who are able and ready to absorb it all with passion! Stay tuned with us as well for frequent inspiration.