Digital Signage on College Campuses Catching On!

James Shi blog, FriendMedia

Today’s students are quite a bit different from students of the past. One of the major differences evident in students today is their vast knowledge and use of technology. In 2015, 86 % of college students used a smart phone and 89 % used either a laptop, notebook or Chromebook, or computer. It is obvious that college students will be immersed in their technological devices wherever they are at.

Administrators, educators, and school leaders recognize effective communication with the college students must be on their terms. Digital signage on college campuses has fast become a solution for staff in communicating with their audience – the students. Here are 3 ways digital signage on college campuses is used as an effective tool for communication.


Special Activities and Announcements

Colleges have a whole host of activities to meet every student’s taste. From the debate club to drama, from sports to music, there are clubs, groups, and activities for all. Students are much more well-rounded individuals when they match their academic pursuits with extracurricular activities. Digital signage on college campuses makes it possible to list activities, schedules, special events, announcements, or even notable awards all with a few keystrokes. No student needs to be left out of the fun when the signage announces it all.


College highlights

Showcase how great the college is with featured statistics such as enrollment data, alumni, job placement, and sports scores. Easily programmable, administrators can add pictures of students in classroom activity and/or live stream the college’s Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram page. This encourages prospective students who visit the school, as well as the current student population.


Job placement information

Digital signage on college campuses have a unique ability to do what couldn’t be done in the past and that is to update information in real time. One of the key offices for college students nearing graduation is the job placement office. Often working closely with the students to find job placement upon graduation, staff now can utilize digital signage to display new postings or those with urgent fill requests. The administrator operating the signage in that department could highlight a different field of study each week, day or however they choose to vary it.


With the tech-savvy college students of today desiring information at their fingertips, digital signage on college campuses is a great solution to fill the need. At FriendMedia, we have a simple, user-friendly digital signage system that includes both hardware and software. If you would like to discuss this topic further, please contact us today!