Digital Signage in Medical Offices: Give Patients the Information they Need

James Shi Aesthetics, blog, FriendMedia

Healthcare signage can take many forms. It can be posters, pamphlets, window decals and more. Regardless of the design, the purpose is the same: to inform patients. But the information that is usually presented on these signs can be critical. So, why risk the information being missed by those who need it the most? Enter, digital signage. In medical offices, this type of design is sure to improve communication. 

But besides streaming gleaming faces of satisfied patients across waiting room screens, how important and helpful really is digital signage for patients?

1. Focus on Building Your Brand

As a healthcare professional, you might not consider the medical care you provide a “brand.” But all of the signs you put up present a particular image to the public. You want to make sure that that image is the most reputable you can create. Having the right signs with the right information ensure the right face is put forward.

2. Offer Help When Needed

Patients want answers to their questions. Some want to ask a real person; others want the info within easy reach. Digital signs can be designed that offer clinic directions, first appointment basics, FAQs, contact information, wait times, basic insurance questions and answers, and even movies, television programs, or the news to help pass the time. 

For emergencies, digital signage directing individuals to exits and informing them of certain protocols can also be extremely helpful, for both consumer and owners.

3. Get Out Your Message

Wanting to hold a blood drive? What about offering a clinic for a few days? Running a deal for children check-ups? All of these events and more can be shared via digital signage. Reach the audience you mostly expect to attend to maximize participation. 

4. Not Just for Patients

Use digital signage to share events, meetings, employee awards, announcements with your staff too! Rather than the dreaded inter-office memo or boring bulletin board posting that no one reads, consider sharing your important messages via digital means. People might actually start showing up for your meetings. Additionally, reminding staff of certain policies or safety information can also be shared via digital signs. 

Are you ready to display your content when your patients want and need it? Whether you choose live-streaming or static content, we’ll help you innovate your healthcare signage content. Contact us today to explore the visually stunning and informative options we can create for you and your message!